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The most comprehensive program to quickly change your co-parenting.

The co-parenting CHANGE program is the only implementation program of its kind that not only shows you exactly what to do to take your co-parenting from angst to harmony, but gives you the support of a group of other parents also struggling with their co-parenting.

We have supported hundreds of families
with their co-parenting.
Let us help you change things, too.

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change is the right fit if you are:-the change program
  A parent who is struggling to co-parent with someone who has difficult behaviours or narcissistic traits.
  You’re sick of the abuse, denigration, criticism, and prying into your life and your relationships.
  You want the way your co-parent communicates with you to change – either start replying OR just stop!

  You want your child’s other parent to stop interfering and undermining your relationship with your child.


The key to this course is that there’s no BS – just hard honest truth = CHANGE

I joined the CHANGE program because I couldn’t deal with another email from my ex. They were long, and never about anything we needed to actually discuss. He just went on and on about how I am ruining our child and what a terrible mother I am.

I couldn’t take it anymore. It was time to do something differently so I could finally be rid of this man!

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“People say that doing a course can change your life, but you don’t believe them. BELIEVE ME. This course has the most practical road map to actually create CHANGE.”

If you struggle with criticism, there’s a tip for that. Being undermined? Map for that. Don’t wander around the winderness anymore.

Follow the plan. See the CHANGE.

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“I would still be crying every Sunday night after changeover if I hadn’t done CHANGE with Kirsty.”

You don’t need to worry about what they will say and do when you see them at changeover, OR what the kids will say about you when you pick them up.

Anxiety doesn’t need to live here anymore.

By the end of the CHANGE program you will have:

the change program -nailed down blog. 1
the change program -know the number 1 rule and #1 tip blog.-2
the change program -know step by step blog.-3
understand the difference. The change program -4
What does it mean to truly "put your child first?"- the change program
How to stop defending and explaining everything you do. the change program
Nailed down exactly what's not working. the change program

“It didn’t matter what I said or did,

my ex turned the tables and I ended up apologising – until I joined CHANGE.”

If you’re co-parenting with someone who has difficult behaviours or narcissistic traits, CHANGE is the only program you need. We will dive deep into the problems caused by people with narcissistic traits and there’s a strategy for every. single. behaviour. You’re not a puppet. You’re actually really powerful. Step into that power and stop letting them pull your strings.

“If committing to a program to make things different feels like the equivalent of swimming the English Channel, listen up!”

I know this feels impossible. You’re worried about investing the time (and let’s be real, the money) and having everything stay the same. There’s so many memes I could toss at you right now – from choosing where you want to be; not letting FEAR stop you from succeeding; there’s even a “wise man once said” quote,

but truly, the only thing that matters right now is YOU.

If you’re not ready, and you prefer this current place of anxiety because at least you know what to expect, that’s okay. CHANGE and I will be here when you’re ready.

BUT, if you are ready for your life to be free of control and fear and anxiety from your co-parenting relationship,

Click the button! Join Now. I cannot promise there won’t be tears (not even just yours, lol, peri-menopause makes electricity ads get my eyes to leak!) but I can promise you’ll see CHANGE.